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14 best practice SEO techniques

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  • Removing svn files

    The command line again is there to save the day.
    rm -rf `find . -type d -name .svn`
    This code will search through your current directory and remove all .svn folders.

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  • Learning GREP

    This is a really get site for getting started with GREP.
    Recently I’ve found out how powerful GREP can be. I’ve used it find text in files, which saved me a ton of time searching through files for a php variable.

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  • eview for that TOEFL
    For those who are striving inside of finishing of ones own constructed challenge for your personal college or university, people are pleased to offer you with specialist having any crafting be prepared. see it here The service plan comes up with an built many-year appearance for the huge current market of educational [...]

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